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  • Velocity(%): 66
  • Impedance: 50 ohm 
  • Capacitance(pF/m): 101.0
  • Cable Type: Rg58
  • Max Operating Voltage: 1900  
  • Propagation Velocity (% of c): 65.9

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RG-58 is a coaxial cable that is used for wiring purposes. A coaxial cable, in general, consists of an inner conductor that is surrounded by a spacer. The coaxial cable is electrically charged and sometimes consists of different uninsulated conductors that remain entangled with one another. The insulating spacer of the cable is further surrounded by a sheath that is cylindrical in shape. The final circle is formed by an insulating jacket. The insulation surrounding the RG- 58 cable carries a low impedance of around 50 or 52 ohms. It is generally used for generating signal connections that are of low power.

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