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GSM 5dBi Spring Magnetic Antenna with RG174 (L- 3mtr) Cable | SMA (M) St. Connector


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  • Frequency: 824~960 / 1710~1990MHz

  • Gain: 5dBi

  • Cable: RG174

  • Connector: SMA Male 

  • Type: Magnetic Mounting

  • RoHS Compliant  

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Data sheet

Frequency824~960 / 1710~1990MHz
Antenna TypeSpring Magnetic
Mounting TypeMagnetic
Gain (dBi)5dBi
Impedance (ohms)50Ω
Radiation DirectionOmni Directional
Input Power50W
Cable TypeRG174
Cable Length3 Meter
ConnectorSMA Male Straight
Antenna Length254 mm
Connector PlatingGold
Maximum Power (W)50W
Net Weight (gm)60gm
Storage Temperature( °C)- 40 °C ~ + 80 °C
Operation Temperature (°C)- 40 °C ~ + 65 °C
Environment FriendlyRoHS Compliant

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ETEILY manufactures high-caliber Spring Magnetic antennas with an elevated structure making high performance , suitable for any mounting position.

  • Compact Structure

  • Light weight

  • Easy Installation

  • Extremely wide Bandwidth

  • High Transmission rate

  • Anti-interference ability

Our Spring antenna comes with a high quality magnetic base making it ease mount on any metallic surfaces.Installation can be done on any moving vehicle giving convincingly good performance and durability.


Spring Magnetic are placed on a metal surface to work because an antenna is designed to mount on a ground plane.

The longer antenna has better reach for a signal, which can greatly increase how much signal is gained.

The base of the antenna is connected to a low loss cable and terminated by suitable matching connector.The Cables and Connectors are customizable as per the applications, providing best RF solutions to our customers.Suitable for ECD 210 GSM/GPRS modem.

 Easy Installation

Spring Magnetic Antenna is one of the easiest installations of all the other antennas. All you have to do to install on a metal surface and you’re done with the mounting part. Then you take the cable and use the connecter to connect the cable to your device. You also don’t have to do anything out of your comfort zone like drill a hole into your car to install such an antenna. However, it is important to do two things:

 1) make sure that the metal surface fits the right dimensions for antenna

 2) place an antenna in a location that is clear of obstacles and as high as possible


Easily Transferable

One of the great things about the magnet-mount antenna is that you can easily remove it from where it is mounted and place it somewhere else. It has a strong magnet at base that keeps it from falling off, while being easy to remove by hand. While we encourage use of the magnet-mount antenna in vehicles because it is able to pick up signals the best when placed outside, it can also be brought inside your home and used as an inside antenna. So as long as you have an appropriate metal surface inside your home, you will be able to use it to receive your signal.


No Additional Parts

With the magnet-mount antenna, you get everything you need for its set up (antenna, cable, and connector).

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