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RF Antenna

Eteily is well known brand in India for RF Antenna Radio frequency Antenna. Radio frequencies from DC to 18GHz and RF Families like Bluetooth Antenna, Cellular Antenna, General ISM Antenna, Navigation Antenna, Wi-Fi Antenna, and 802.15 Antenna. 

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  • 2G/GSM Antenna

    Eteily Technologies India Pvt Ltd leading manufacturer of the exclusive quality gsm antenna in India.We are one of the leading manufacturers of GSM antenna and have been serving the industrial and commercial marketplaces with electronics & electrical supplies and telecommunications solutions. Our GSM antenna is the most viable and exclusive product in the industry. Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication systems are fast becoming the standard in mobile phones everywhere. Our various range of GSM antennas with all frequencies from 850-2100 MHz, diverse design and wide system allow users to talk virtually anywhere in the world. Like any wireless technology, however, GSM communications are dependent on antennas. Among cellular technologies, GSM service and product is king. That means telecom services, and later generations of the technology are in constant need of custom GSM antenna designers to help them keep up with customer demand and to introduce new innovations to the marketplace. We are satisfying both our domestic and international client with the sense of urgency and the products as per their demands. We will continue to exceed the expectation of the customers. We provide all range of GSM Antenna’s in External Antenna & Internal Antenna: GSM Rubber Duck Antenna, GSM Magnetic Antenna, GSM Patch Panel Antenna, GSM Ceiling Antenna, GSM PCB Antenna and all type upgraded antenna with reliable quality.


    ETEILY's high Gain 3G antenna will improve the Signal Quality, Signal Strength and Signal Speed to enhance your Connections.

    We are the leading manufacturer of Antennas over a decade.We provide both Directional and Omni Directional Antennas of different types.


    Supplier and Manufacturer of 4G LTE antenna in India, best quality 4g frequency antenna. We can supply different kind of antenna in 4G Frequency such as 4G Omni Antenna, 4G Whip Antenna, 4G Rubber Duck Antenna, 4G Waterproof Antenna, 4G PCB Mount Antenna, 4G Internal Antenna 4G External Antenna, 4G antenna for many application please share your requirement we will suggest you best antenna for your application.


    Supplier and Manufacturer of 5G antenna in India, best quality 5g frequency antenna. We can supply different kind of antenna in 5G Frequency such as 5G Omni Antenna, 5G Whip Antenna, 5G Rubber Duck Antenna, 5G Waterproof Antenna, 5G PCB Mount Antenna, 5G Internal Antenna 5G External Antenna, 5G antenna for many application please share your requirement we will suggest you best antenna for your application.

  • IoT LoRa Antenna

    Manufacturer of IoT antenna: Antenna for Lora Gateway and Nodes. Professional manufacturer of Internet of things antenna's.


    GNSS Antennas are the main interface between the GNSS satellite constellations and GNSS receivers. They capture the L-band signals transmitted from space, which is the waveband used by many GNSS satellites constellations for broadcasting. Since more and more applications like Precision Agriculture rely on accurate positioning, GNSS Antennas are becoming increasingly important for achieving the best possible results.


    Supplier and Manufacturer of Wifi/Wireless/WLAN Antenna in India. Wifi antenna 2.4ghz and Wifi Antenna 5.8ghz for Zigbee Modules. We supply best quality wireless antenna in India. 

  • Combo Antenna

    Leading supplier and manufacturer of MIMO, multi band antenna, Quad band antenna, GSM-GPS-Wifi Antenna, 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz Antenna, 3G-GPS-Wifi Antenna, 4G-GPS-GLONASS Antenna, 868mhz-GPS-WiFi Antenna, LORA+GPS+GSM+Wifi combination antenna, penta band antenna, hex band antenna, all in one antenna, we provide customised antenna solution as per your requirement email us sales@eteily.com

  • NFC RFID Antenna

    Eteily's NFC Reader Antenna and Tags are ISO and RoHS certified whichis  based on passive RFID technology, operating in the high-frequency (HF) range, at 13.56 MHz.We provide high security NFC products that can even be used in payments via pairing credit cards.

  • Fiberglass Antenna

    Eteily Fiberglass Antenna is designed for outdoor application. If you need maximum coverage for your application so this antenna is most suitable for your project. This is pole mounted and Standard Connector is N Male, N Female and SMA Connector. Best Antenna for Gateway and servers which cover maximum distance. Application LoRa WAN gateway, 4G Gateway, Wi-Fi application, 5.8ghz and 2.4GHz server application, 868MHz gateway application.

  • Terminal Mount

    Eteily Terminal mount/ Rubber Duck antenna for GSM, GPRS, 3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, 5.8GHz, 2.4GHz etc & Dipole Terminal Mount Antenna for ISM and Lora application(868MHz, 865MHz, 315MHz , 915MHz, 43MHz etc). These antennas are with  standard SMA Connectors which are customised  on customer's request.

  • Internal Mount

    Eteily PCB Internal SMD type Dielectric Antenna's are designed in flexible material, ceramic material and with chip material. These antenna is designed for 4G frequencies, 3G frequencies, Lora frequencies, ISM frequencies, GPS/GLONASS/IRNSS frequencies. These antenna's can connector with UFL/IPEX/MHF4 and direct mounted type. 


    Leading supplier and manufacturer of heavy duty screw mount permanent antenna you can mount these antenna on surface, these antenna comes in different frequencies and band like, GPS Permanent Surface mount antenna, 4G LTE Permanent Surface mount antenna, 868mhz Permanent Surface mount antenna, WiFi Permanent Surface mount antenna, GSM-3G Permanent Surface mount antenna, 433mhz Permanent Surface mount antenna, Combo Permanent Surface mount antenna, Combination Permanent Surface mount antenna, 2 in 1 Permanent Surface mount antenna,3 in 1 Permanent Surface mount antenna, 4 in 1 Permanent Surface mount antenna, 5 in1 Permanent Surface mount antenna, and many more

  • Magnetic Mount

    Eteily's Magnetic Mount antenna is designed for GSM, 3G, 4G, 5G, 868MHz, 915MHz, supporting different applications like Data loggers , smart metering, GSM and Wi-Fi based application, GPS Tracker, Smart Monitoring etc. We design antennas and cables, providing customised solutions as per customer needs. 

    LoRa Antenna865MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz, 315MHz, 433MHz
    GSM Antenna824MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz
    3G Antenna2100MHz WCDMA 
    4G Antenna2400MHz, 2700MHz, LTE
    Wi-Fi Antenna2.4GHz, 5.8GHz